Meet the Team

These college boys and girls are my intelligent and charming consultants. Without their hugely helpful opinions and ideas, this site wouldn’t be half as insightful and wouldn’t definitely not be a party in the pants.

Geoff K

Name: Geoff K

College: Central Michigan University (Mt. Pleasant, Michigan)

Majors : Accounting, Actuarial Science, & Economics.

Good at: math problems, cooking & grilling, explaining concepts using examples, driving stick-shift, playing with little kids, manual labor

Likes: riding his motorcycle, classic rock, mangoes & kiwis, key lime pie, golf, broomball, racquetball, beach volleyball, disc golf, Cara.

Name: Katie S (soon to be Katie O).

College: Western Michigan University

Major: Psychology (B.S.)

Minors: Sociology with a concentration in Social Psychology, Addiction Studies

Good at: Listening, concentrating, forgiving, writing, singing, praying, and keeping promises

Likes: Chocolate, dogs, books, music, movies, people, and fairy tales

Katie S (soon to be Katie O)

So if you’re interested, I’m still looking to fill up some team slots! Especially if you can identify with any of the following:

  • University of Michigan
  • any non-Michigan college
  • community college
  • Politics or Law
  • Theology or Philosophy
  • Textile, Art, or History
  • Engineering
  • Internship, work, living abroad, or any unique experience

Email me at or comment below!

Name: YOU?




Good at:




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