About Me

DD7: the whole(I look so tan in this picture. It never lasts long–I live in Michigan. ‘Nuff said)

I’m Cara Gonzalez and I created, and write for, “Little Spartan”. Tons of college students blog. (I’m really hung up on that term. Does anyone else think it’s an ugly word?) Well, I decided if I was going to write one, I wanted to write about college in a broad sense while still documenting the wonders of attending MSU. One day college will be over and, before I move on to bigger and better things, I want to think back to the grand ol’ time I had. This blog is part of that. You can read more about the blog and its goals here. The rest of the page is all MINE!

I am starting my third year at Michigan State University. The full details of my degree will be explained in a later post, but suffice it to say I’m getting a diploma in both Human Aging and Humanities with a Professional Writing focus. My three minors are Bioethics, Health Promotion, and Digital Humanities. I used to be premed and, in a way, I still am. Just not at the undergrad level. I’m waiting to apply to medical school until I complete a Master’s (why? will be addressed in a post). One grandiose plan at a time.

My first experience with blogging was back in 2003 when personal sites where the It Thing thing. These sites were the birthplace of blogs and if you had one, you either manually coded it or used a script like Greymatter. The blogging giant WordPress was still a baby. As for me, I blogged about my personal life. Considering that I was thirteen and didn’t have a very big personal life, I had a lot to say. Still do, in fact. I archived all those old blog entries on my Livejournal and continue to write about the every day nitty-gritty there.

For my other online projects and their progress, you can visit my web domain at Pfenix.Net. Made that layout six years ago and haven’t changed it, I love it that much. I handcode almost all my sites. In the process of making WordPress themes my bitch.

The “Kitchen Sink” List

  • I volunteered at Sparrow Hospital (ER and women’s post-surgery floor) for a year.
  • Now I volunteer with Great Lakes Home Health & Hospice, my main duty being Life Historian. I did my internship with them in Summer 2010.
  • I’d like to learn more about coding and programming. I like making pretty and / or functional things.
  • I used to be in Lyman Briggs College. Very happy with my choice to leave but it’s a great option for science majors.
  • Favorite consequences of my compulsive retail therapy: loose-leaf tea, books, stuff to do with royal families, especially for Kindle, stationary, Hello Kitty, tickets to musicals and operas, anything I can wear, bubble tea or Biggby coffee, and video games.
  • I have an on-again, off-again relationship with tennis. And piano.
  • Adore adore adore traveling. Australia, the Philippines, England, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Canada = countries I’ve been. I plan to visit all seven continents and especially the countries of Japan, Greece, Dubai, Ireland, and China.
  • Friends have introduced me and immediately followup with “Tell [name of new Facebook friend] about what happened your freshman year.” My roommate (we used the code name “Onion” to talk about her) turned criminal on me. It took a year and a felony charge–don’t gasp, she was a first-time offender, they went easy on her–before I was over it.
  • I am going to keep my last name when I get married. Yep, my boyfriend of ~4 years (Geoff, I put him on the team) is OK with that.

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