The Blog Manifesto

“Why?” College is awesome. It can also be painful. It can also be painfully boring, which we think is the worst of all. It is an expensive and time-consuming commitment. 1-2 years for an associate’s, 4-5 years for undergraduates, and then maybe post-grad? Professional school? And let’s not even begin to talk about money, loans, and debt. For all of that, you better own its ass.

Let’s talk about all that. Let’s talk about everything. We’re here to learn.

And have a good time, naturally.

About this blog. We want to write useful posts for the eager college student, drawing from my experience and that of others. This is a new blog, launched officially on January 23, 2011. We do not have an large archive of posts to offer. Instead, we give you our aims for L.S.

  1. Push myself to make well-constructed and balanced posts on a variety of topics that relate to the college experience. This means we will l put effort, consideration, research, and include the input of others when we write. We will aim for improvement, always. We can’t promise brilliance every time but we can promise everything will be elbow greased.
  2. Update twice a week. There may be extra posts but there will never be less than two posts in one week (Sun-Sat, if you’re counting).
  3. Build up a team of college students for reference and perspective. There is no such thing as an average college student. Background, work experience, hometown, interests, life goals, curriculum. . . we’re all over the spectrum. If I, or Bernadette, was sole focal point, there would be an obvious bias toward certain experiences and future plans. Our goal is not to try cover everything and everyone, but we want communicate at least some diversity of the college campus.
  4. Document life as a (little) MSU Spartan. We can’t just ignore our roots. MSU is an amazing school and the East Lansing area is our second home. We will definitely be doing some Michigan State-centric content. The school spirit here is infectious– if you let it, it can be part of your identity. We wouldn’t be able to write honestly if  we didn’t acknowledge that.
  5. And finally, I want your stories. Perhaps the greatest lesson ever learned was that it’s not possible to learn every life lesson the hard way. The journeys of others can often take you pretty far. Show you which path to run through. Which swamps to avoid. What kind of person steals money from you in the middle of the night. That’s why we want to know what you spend your time worrying about. I want to understand why you picked this school over that one or that professor over this one. That kind of information is gold. If there’s one thing that there is too much of at college–and it’s not sex and it’s not booze–it is “I know better than YOU” attitude. Well, we know we don’t. Tell me more. Our email is

Now to tackle some questions you may have.

Okay, I get that you’re both Spartans. But why the “Little”? Cara is 4’10” – pretty short by most standards. Bernadette is 5’4″, which she protests is average. But let’s face it. We’re short. To learn more about us, click here.

Why did you pick instead of _____? It is the most versatile and turbo-charged content management system out there. We’ve tried tons of “blog” sites and this one is the best. Cara even has it on my self-hosted web sites. We wanted to get L.S. up quickly so the option to pick a organized, simple, and aesthetically pleasing theme to get started with was a humongo plus. If we want to have more control over the site in the future, Cara could possibly host it.


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